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    7 Best Camping Fridge Freezer Guaranteed: Australia 2022

    Best camping fridge freezer photo/Dometic – Cloud Squad may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. Please Support me!

    Enjoy the outdoors in style by improving the way you pack and prepare your camping food and drinks.

    Are you ready to take your camping and outdoor experiences to the next level? if so, it’s time to learn about the Best Camping 12v Fridge Freezers.

    Finding the 12-volt fridge freezer perfect for your needs can be really confusing, with so many brands, features, specs, etc ahhh what a headache!

    Stop drinking warm tinnies or buying expensive take-out food.

    In this article, I will sift through the good, the bad and the downright cheap and nasty to find you the best car fridge freezer.

    Below you will find and even buy, wink wink the best 12v portable fridge freezers I could get my eyeballs on, nevertheless, go on why are you still here?

    Short on time? You can use the links below to jump to the recommended car fridge freezer that meets your needs.

    Which fridge is best for camping?

    1. Overall Winner – Dometic CFX3 45L

    2. Coolest – Engel 40L MTV

    3. Most Rugged – ARB Zero 69L

    4. LargestDometic CFX3 75L

    5. On a BudgetOztrail 45L

    6. Best of the Rest – Brass Monkey 36L

    Need help making a decision? Drop down to our FAQ section to read through some of the frequently asked questions or drop me a line here.

    Hopefully, this helps you to make a decision and fast forwards you to owning a sweet sweet portable 12-volt fridge freezer.

    1. Overall Winner: Dometic CFX3 45L

    Photo/Dometic fridge freezer

    The Dometic CFX3 45 is one mean machine and is made for all your outdoor cooling and/or freezing needs.

    Obviously, you may as well stop reading now and go ahead and get this supreme machine. Still, reading? okay, then you need more convincing. Here goes…

    The CFX3 45 at $1350 is a little on the pricey side but is worth every last cent.

    Rugged construction and Easy to carry

    It’s robustly built with super strong handles, massive basket size, easy opening, LED light and the list goes on.

    Efficient power consumption and Flexible power options

    Yep CFX3 has this covered, with the powerful compressor it can cool easily and be adjusted from +20 °C to –18 °C.

    But with strong insulation, you need not worry about it draining your battery. Powered by AC, DC and solar

    User-friendly interface and Convenient App

    Another big plus about the Dometic is all the tech it has ready at your fingertips.

    Bluetooth-enabled, a nice well-lit LED display screen and a fully functioning app available from the app store.

    Similarly, you can also control the temperature and monitor the power consumption of the car fridge via the app.

    This is my overall winner as the best camping 12v fridge freezer.


    • Size: D 443mm, H 500mm, W 914mm
    • Total volume: 45L
    • Weight (kg): 26.40
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 10°C and -18°C


    • Massive basket size
    • Efficient power consumption
    • Powerful compressor
    • Convenient App
    • Robust


    • Pricey


    What is the difference between Dometic CFX and CFX3?

    The CFX3 is the latest release from Dometic and comes with all the bells and whistles. Bluetooth functionality, ease of use, Dometic CFX3 app to track your power consumption.

    How much power does a Dometic CFX3 45 use

    0.500 amps to reach your desired temperature. Not bad.

    Is Dometic CFX3 weatherproof?

    Yes, the soft-touch user interface is IP65-rated and certified as weatherproof. 6 = Totally dust tight. 5 = Protection against low-pressure jets 

    Can you sit on Dometic CFX3?

    No, they are not for sitting. Dometics are built well for outdoor settings but not as a chair.

    Is a Dometic fridge worth it?

    Yes yes yes! Super user-friendly, rugged and keeps your cans cool.

    Dometic CFX3 45

    2. Coolest: Engel 40 Litre MTV Series

    Photo/Engel 40 Litre best camping fridge freezer

    The Engel 40L MTV at $1439 is a great-looking machine, is compact for its size and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Unsurprisingly, a huge peck about this machine is its impressive efficiency, which holds 60 tinnies, robust handles and corner protectors for when you are throwing it into the back of the truck.

    The Sawafuji compressor system is highly energy-efficient

    With power consumption from 0.5-3.0 amps to keep your energy bills down. It boasts the lowest maximum power consumption in the market

    Switch between DC and AC

    The MT-V45F can also switch between DC and AC which means it can cool as well in your truck as it does in your garage or on the veranda.

    Five years Warranty


    • Dimensions: H 508 W 631 D 360mm
    • Volume 40L
    • Weight (kg): 24 KG
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 10°C and -18°C


    • Highly energy-efficient
    • Great-looking machine
    • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Holds 60 tinnies


    • Pricey
    • Lids break easy


    How many amps does a 40 Litre Engel fridge draw?

    Variable from 0.5 – 3.0 AMPS. 3 to get it to the expected temperature and 0.5 ongoing running draw.

    How long does an Engel last?

    Up to 30+ years due to its lack of moving parts.

    How long will a 100AH battery run an Engel fridge?

    Roughly 18 hours at 3.0 amps, or 70 hours at the minimum draw of 0.5 amps.

    Are Engel fridges worth the money?

    Yes, Engel’s fridges are extremely reliable and well worth the extreme dollars.

    What is Engel MTV?

    The MTV series is the latest highly energy-efficient portable fridge freezer from Engel.

    3. Most Rugged: ARB Zero Fridge Freezer 69L

    Photo/ARB Zero Fridge Freezer

    The ARB Zero fridge freezer $1699 looks like robocop if it was a portable 12-volt car fridge freezer.

    One mean machine, dual-zone, wireless monitoring, straight from the future. But with such a high-tech machine comes a high-tech price.

    Not to worry as you get a dual-zone that is deep enough to hold wine bottles standing up and three solid baskets compared to 2 on the other brands we won’t mention here.

    Dual cooling zones

    Dual independently controlled cooling zones. Tinnies on one side and sangas on the other.

    Tough, durable casing

    I also love the little details, touchscreen, cup holders, corner moulding, and anti-condensation technology.

    All the bells and whistles keep you from having to come back to real life.

    Quick release lid

    Only peasants have car fridges without quick-release, If you are like me you want to have your tinnies or sanga, fridge to mouth in the quickest time possible.

    Similarly, the ARB Zero can also be converted to a single zone for those extra-large items like Christmas turkey or ham.

    AC inlet for home or powered sites

    On top of all the goodness above the Zero features an AC inlet for home or powered sites and USB connections to keep your phones changed and on the line.


    • Dimensions: 75.5 46.9 56.4cm
    • Volume: 69L
    • Weight (kg): 30kg
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 10°C and -22°C


    • Duel-zone
    • Steel casing
    • Looks like it has travelled back in time
    • Quick release
    • Holds everything you own, even the kitchen sink


    • Pricey
    • Backbreaker


    Are ARB fridges any good?

    The overall construction is solid and high quality but lacking in energy consumption and control.

    How long does an ARB fridge last?

    Totally depends on the fridge and battery size. Off-road Aussie has a good chart here.

    Is the ARB zero fridge weatherproof?

    Ye, the zero is very weatherproof. Very rugged build and will withstand anything weather can throw at it.

    How much power does ARB fridge draw?

    0.89 amp per hour to 1.1 amp per hour depending on the model.

    Where are ARB fridge freezers made?

    Engineered in Melbourne, Australia and made by Dometic in China to ARB’s exact specs.

    4. Largest: Dometic CFX3 75L

    Photo/Dometic CFX3 75DZ

    What is the best dual-zone camping fridge?

    Dometic CFX3 75DZ $2000 enters the ring to the cheers, whoops and the hissing sound of many tinnies being opened.

    Dometic CFX3 – The best dual-zone

    This beast of a car fridge freezer can hold 115 tinnies, so let’s say 2 people drinking 4 cans each, this load will last two weeks or 1,209,600 seconds.

    Great looking machine

    Unquestionably the Dometic is the Rolls Royce of the portable camping fridge world.

    With it being larger, heavier and more expensive than its counterparts you can be sure you are buying luxury, a machine that will make your mates green with envy.

    Rugged exterior

    Just like the Rolls Royce, the CFX3 75DZ has all the best features, a rugged exterior, flexible power options, easy carry, power steering, and an airlock braking system.

    undeniably this is one of the best camping fridge freezers and is only for the most serious adventurers and not for the faint-hearted.

    On-road, off-road, outback, on the roof or in the backyard, your extraordinary adventures will be levelled up.

    Holds 115 tinnies

    This 12-volt car fridge has a heavy-duty but somehow lightweight frame. How? black magic.

    It also has a powerful compressor cooling tech that deep freezes to -22 (brrr rabbits).

    Control your temperature

    What else does it have I hear you say, soft-touch buttons to monitor and control your temperature via Bluetooth or WiFi enable app.

    Download the free app from the apple or google play stores. Control or monitor the camping 12v fridge remotely, whether it’s from the front seat of your truck or falling asleep around the campfire.

    Though if for some reason you leave the lid open after grabbing a tinnie the app will send you a notification to close the lid quick smart or it will leave you for another, more competent owner.


    • Dimensions: D 495mm H 472 mm W  892 mm
    • Volume: 75L
    • Weight (kg): 27.8 kg
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 10°C and -22°C


    • Holds 115 tinnies
    • Rugged exterior
    • Powerful compressor cooling tech
    • Bluetooth or WiFi enable app


    • Heavy
    • Pricey


    How long does a Dometic cooler battery last?

    Up to 40 hours of cooling on a single charge.

    Are Dometic fridges good?

    Yes, The Dometic Waeco CFX Series are outstanding modern and energy-efficient portable fridge freezers.

    How many amps does a Dometic cfx3 35 use?

    About 1.5 amps per hour run time.

    Is Dometic a good brand?

    Yes, Dometic has the widest selection of camping fridge freezers on the market. The fridges are reliable, energy-efficient, and most importantly, they keep your drinks cold.

    5. On a Budget: Oztrail 45L Single Zone

    Photo/Oztrail 45l best camping fridge freezer

    Australians are looking to save money in this current economic climate, if that’s you, then your best bet is an Oztrail 45L for $799.

    These are great fridges at half the price but also half the efficiency and durability of other car fridge freezers we have mentioned.

    Great fridges at half the price

    But if you get annoyed with dealing with melting bags of ice but don’t have a big budget, then this designed for Australian Outback conditions, multifunctional chest will give you bang for your buck.

    Accepts 220-240V AC and 12/24V DC power

    This car 12v fridge freezer is powered by 12V/24V and 240V power which means you can plug and cool in your car, truck, garage or even power from a solar panel. With this many options, there is no reason you should have a warm one.

    Rugged powder-coated steel body

    The downsides unfortunately are the lack of the extras such as a Bluetooth-enabled app and USB ports to plug in your phone.

    Finally, these features can be overlooked though as you are getting a great rock bottom price, and it comes with a rugged powder-coated steel body, carry handles that can also double as tie-down points, Soft close lid hinges and more…


    • Dimensions: 469 x 621 x 485 mm H x W x D
    • Volume: 45L
    • Weight (kg): 21 kg
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 10°C and -18°C


    • Great Price
    • Robust exterior
    • Accepts 220-240V AC and 12/24V DC power


    • No USB for charging the phone.
    • No Bluetooth-enabled app


    What compressor does OZtrail use?

    Oztrail fridge freezers feature efficient and reliable LG compressors.

    How much power does an OZtrail fridge use?

    2.5 amp hour run time.

    How many amps does OZtrail 80L fridge draw?

    2.5 amp to 3.4 amp hour run time.

    6. Best of the Rest: 36L Brass Monkey

    Photo/Brass Monkey 36-litre fridge/freezer for car

    This 12-volt car fridge is just 14kg

    Are you looking for a fridge freezer that is super lite compared to others of the same size, the Brass Monkey 36 for $399 might just be right for you. This portable 12-volt car fridge is just 14kg, which is half the weight of competing brands.

    Powered by 12/24DC or 240AC

    Another great feature is they are capable of being powered by 12/24DC or 240AC, an awesome solution for cars, trucks, 4wd, caravans and any other vehicles you are using for your adventure.

    Be that as it may a potential downside to this fridge freezer is the cheap look, this is mainly due to its plastic construction. And this may make it not very durable on long road trips.

    Whether it’s in the back of the caravan, car or 4wd– the Brass Monkey 36L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer will keep your tinnies and food chilled without breaking the bank


    • Dimensions: 72.3L x 36W x 36.5H cm
    • Volume: 36L
    • Weight (kg): 14 kg
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 20°C and -20°C


    • Great Price
    • Super lite
    • Accepts 220-240V AC and 12/24V DC power


    • Plastic construction
    • Unreliable


    Are Brass Monkey car fridges any good?

    Yes, This fridge is really good value for a duel zone, light and efficient.

    What does F3 mean on Brass Monkey?

    F3 is an error code. It could mean a number of things. The compressor starts frequently, the starting pressure is too high, overheating controller problem, and the compressor problem.

    Are Brass Monkey fridges made in China?

    Yes, Brass monkey fridge freezers are made in China by the Jaycar group.

    How long does a brass monkey battery last?

    The 15.6Ah battery can run the fridge freezer for 10-15 hours

    What does the code F1 mean on a brass monkey fridge?

    F1 means the battery is low and you need to recharge.

    7. Best Australian Made: EvaKool Down Under 2 95L

    Photo/ EvaKool Down Under 2 95L portable fridge

    The EvaKool down under 2 $1399 is manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and this would make the down under the only Australian-made portable fridge freezer on our list.

    Made in Australia on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland

    Put on the accadacca, fire up the barbie and grab a coldie as this fridge freezer is seriously Aussie, whether you’re camping with your misses, 4-wheel driving in the woop woop or having an arvo barbie with your mates, this Australian-made camping fridge freezer is a deadset beauty!

    The big brother of the 65, EvaKool down under $1299 this car fridge freezer is quite a bit larger, heavier, and more expensive than others on this list, but its extra functionalities make it a fan favourite for more serious adventures.

    Dual Zone

    The Evakool Dual Zone has two storage compartments so you can freeze and cool at the same time. As a result, both compartments can be set to different temperatures, allowing you to personalize the fridge freezer to your needs.

    World Renowned Secop Compressor

    The Secop compressors are German-designed and are one of the best compressors available, and their quality is world renowned – that’s why it comes with a 5-year warranty!

    If you’re looking for a 12-volt portable fridge freezer that is reliable and will last the test of time, then look no further than the down under 2.


    • Dimensions: 967mm x 530mm x 470mm (LxWxH)
    • Volume: 95L
    • Weight (kg): 35 kg
    • Temperature Range: Can be set between 10°C and -18°C


    • Made in Australia on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland
    • World Renowned Secop Compressor
    • Highly Efficient Roll Bond Evaporator


    • Large and heavy
    • Expensive


    How many amps does a Evakool fridge draw?

    1.0 to 1.5 amps hour run time

    What compressor does Evakool use?

    They use the universal Danfoss Secop compressor.

    Is EvaKool Australian made?

    Yes, EvaKool is manufactured on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. 

    Who owns EvaKool

    Allan Smith – Owner – Nexberg Pty Ltd t/a Evakool | LinkedIn.

    Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith
    Mr. Smith is a full-stack developer and self-described javascript nerd. You will find him glued to his screen coding in Sydney Australia. Go here to read his incredible story, "From failing business and in debt to becoming a software developer within two years. If you want to send Caleb a quick message, then visit his contact page here.


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