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    13 Best Camping Fridge Companies to Watch in 2022

    While it’s not possible to track each and every one of the best camping fridge freezer companies, I’ve done my best to highlight the biggest companies in the camping industry.

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    What are the best camping fridge companies in Australia?

    1. Bushman

    2. Engel

    3. Dometic

    4. Evakool

    5. Ironman 4×4

    6. Brass Monkey

    7. National Luna

    8. Adventure Kings

    9. Arb

    10. XTM

    11. Kickass

    12. Companion

    Bushman’s best camping fridge

    1. Bushman Fridges

    Bushman is a 100% Australian-owned family company and has been making and selling portable and upright fridge freezers for over 40 years.

    Mainly known for their super-efficiency and reliable fridges. (And the amazing customer service of course)

    Adjustable capacity

    Bushman fridges are widely considered to be energy efficient and have a super rugged exterior. In 1991 they launched the revolutionary Original SC 35, packed with high-quality features like adjustable capacity of 32, 45 or 52 litres.

    You can read more about Bushman and their history here

    Best Camping Fridge From Bushman

    Original best camping fridge

    The Original Bushman Fridge SC35-52

    Top Features: 35L – 52L extension kit | Reliability | Outstanding Efficiency | 5 Year warranty

    Bushman fridge sizes – 35-52L/35L/15L

    Bushman Fridge Contacts

    T  03 8080 9990

    3 Contour Close, Research,
    Victoria, Australia 3095

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    Are Bushman fridges Australian made?

    No, Bushman fridges are made in China. But Bushmans HQ is in Research, Victoria and they do all of their own quality control.

    What compressor does Bushman fridge use?

    Bushman fridge freezers use Secop Danfoss compressors on all their fridges. Danfoss has been making compressors for over 80 years and is considered one of the best at manufacturing compressors.

    Is Bushman a good brand?

    Yes, Bushman fridge freezers top the product review “Best portable fridge freezers”. The top reviews are based off reviews left by the general public. You can see the reviews here

    Where are Bushman fridges built?

    Bushman fridges are built in China and quality control is done in research, Victoria.

    How much power does a bushman fridge use?

    Here is a quick guide to help with estimating power consumption. check out the full guide over at bushman.

    The original bushman fridge
    Engel Fridge best camping fridge

    2. Engel Fridges

    Engel portable fridge freezers have been operating in Australia for over 50 years, They are known for their reliability, rugged exterior, and highly energy-efficient and great-looking machines.

    Engel portable fridge freezers have been sold all over the world. From Australia, Africa and the USA.

    MT-V Series

    The first Engel Fridge was released in Australia in 1962. Fast forward to 2019 and we have the MT-V Series, a supreme portable fridge freezer used by campers, caravanners, four-wheel drivers, truckies, and boat owners alike.

    You can read more about Bushman and their history here.

    Best Camping Fridge From Engel

    Engel MTV Series Fridge Freezers

    Top Features: Highly energy-efficient | Holds 60 tinnies | Great-looking machine | 5 Year warranty

    Engel fridge sizes – 80L/75L/60L/57L/40L/39L/32L

    Engel Fridge Contacts

    T  1300 302 653

    25 Silica Street
    Carole Park QLD 4300

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    Is Engel Australian made?

    No, Engels fridge freezers are made in Thailand and the Sawafuji Swing Motor is made in Japan.

    How much power does a 40l Engel use?

    From 0.5 – 3.0 amps depending on start-up or run time.

    Who owns Engel Australia?

    Engel is exclusively owned by Sawafuji Electric Co Ltd Japan.

    Do Engel fridges use a lot of power?

    Engel Fridge Freezers run on low power consumption with a max of 3.0 amps.

    Are Engels weatherproof?

    No, Engels are not built to be wet. It’s best to pick up a cover from Engel.

    Engel camping fridges
    Dometic best camping fridge

    3. Dometic Australia Fridge Freezers

    Dometic fridge freezers have been birthed out by Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters two young Swedish engineering crazy invention, the refrigerator.  Albert Einstein was impressed and so are we.

    Fast forward to the early 2000s Dometic pivots into portable fridge freezers, acquiring a mass of companies along the way. One company was Waeco, Germany giving Dometic a strong procession in the European and then Australian markets.

    Ahead of the pack

    Millions of RV, boat owners, campers and the like use Dometic. They are ahead of the pack with their technology and user experience for all outdoor enthusiasts.

    Best Camping Fridge From Dometic

    Dometic best camping fridge

    Dometic CFX3 Fridge Freezers

    Top Features: Efficient power consumption | Powerful compressor | Great-looking machine | Convenient App

    Dometic fridge sizes – 94L/75L/70L/55L/53L/46L/44L/36L/25L/21L

    Dometic Fridge Contacts

    T  1800 21 21 21
    525 Flinders Street,
    Melbourne VIC 3000

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    Why is my Dometic RV fridge not getting cold?

    This could be due to a number of things, if it is too hot outside the refrigerator will not cool properly, are there too many items in your fridge? are the coils clogged? this can cause poor cooling, Is the RV level? Are you running too much? lights, fans, and other electrical appliances can obstruct power.

    Are Dometic fridges made in China?

    Yes, Dometic refrigerators are manufactured in China.

    How long will my Dometic fridge run on battery?

    Up to 40 hours on a single charge from the Dometic PLB40 Ah battery

    How do I set the temperature on my Dometic fridge?

    4. Evakool Fridge Freezers

    Evakool best camping fridge

    Australian-made portable fridge and proud, Evakool manufactures all its fridge freezers on the Sunshine Coast Queensland. The company’s offerings combine Highly Efficient and World Renowned Secop compressors, They’re well known for making fridge freezers to withstand Australia’s harsh climates.

    Australia Made Camping Fridge

    They also offer a full suite of in-house services and repair facilities, Their end-to-end solutions are used by well over 1 million customers Australia-wide for over 27 years.

    They also offer a full range of 12V portable, draw or upright fridge freezers, solutions to suit all adventure types.

    Best Camping Fridge From Evakool

    Dometic best camping fridge

    110L Fibreglass Infinity Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Australian made on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland | World-Renowned Compressor | Highly Efficient Evaporator

    Evakool fridge sizes – 110L/85L/82L/60L/47L

    Evakool Fridge Contacts

    T  1300 385 665 (1300 EVKOOL)

    Sunshine Coast HQ

    16 Enterprise Street

    Caloundra West

    QLD, 4551

    Melbourne Showroom

    32 Eileen Road

    Clayton South, VIC, 3169

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    Where are EvaKool fridge freezers made?

    Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, the family-owned business has been making fridge freezers for more than 30 years right here down under.

    Are XTM fridges made by EvaKool?

    Yes, the XTM fridge freezers are Made by Evakool.

    How much power does EvaKool use?

    1.0 − 2.0 Ah/h run time.

    Is KickAss fridge EvaKool?

    Yes, Kickass fridge freezers are made by Evakool and they cover the warranty.

    5. Ironman 4 x 4 Fridge Freezers

    Ironman best camping fridge

    Ironman 4×4 manufactures some of the most popular fridge freezers on the market. Originally established as a suspension parts manufacturer in Melbourne Victoria they have moved on to everything 4×4 such as winches, recovery equipment, protective bars, canopies and portable fridge freezers.

    World-class Products

    The company’s products have proved to be so popular they have many warehouses including Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville and Perth to name a few.

    Whether 4wding in the outback on your next adventure or taking the boat out on the weekend, We can safely say Ironman 4×4 has a world-class product that fits your needs.

    Best Camping Fridge From Ironman 4×4

    Dometic best camping fridge

    Ironman 4×4 74L/65L/50L/30L Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Durable enough to endure the harshest of conditions | World-Renowned Secop Compressor | Robust construction

    Ironman 4×4 fridge sizes – 50L/40L/30L

    Ironman 4×4 Fridge Contacts

    Ironman 4×4 – VIC
    2-8 Bessemer Drive
    Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175

    Ironman 4×4 – QLD
    160 Robinson Road East
    Geebung, Queensland, 4034

    Ironman 4×4 – WA
    Cnr Baile & Craft Street
    Canning Vale, Western Australia, 6155

    Ph: 1300 731 137

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    Are Ironman fridges good?

    Yes, a little on the basic side but you get a solid fridge freezer that keeps your tinnies and food cold. You will save on ice and wasted food costs.

    What does E1 mean on Ironman fridge?

    E1 error code is battery protection, set the battery protection switch from high to low.

    What compressor does Ironman fridge use?

    Ironman fridges use Secop compressor.

    6. Brass Monkey Fridge Freezers

    Brass Monkey best camping fridge

    Who makes brass monkey fridges?

    Jaycar/Road Tech Marine is the inventor of this range of brass monkey fridge freezers, they’re 100% Australian-owned with offices in Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.

    Road Tech Marine products are for those that love the outdoors, specifically camping and fishing.

    Best Camping Fridge From Brass Monkey

    Brass Monkey best camping fridge

    Brass Monkey 60L/50L/36L Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Dual fridge and freezer zone | High-efficiency compressor  | Dual mode operation

    Brass Monkey fridge sizes – 60L/50L/36L/25L/22L/15L/9L

    Brass Monkey Fridge Freezer Contacts

    Address:320 Victoria Road, Rydalmere NSW 2116
    Phone:1300 738 555

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    What temperature should I run my brass monkey fridge?

    The Brass Monkey ranges of fridges should run at 5 degrees.

    What brand compressor does Brass Monkey use?

    Brass monkey fridges use the LG brand of compressor in their fridge freezers.

    Is Brass Monkey Australian made?

    No, the Brass Monkey range of fridges are made in China.

    How much power does a brass monkey fridge draw?

    Between 2 – 3 depending on if it is starting up or running draw.

    7. National Luna Fridge Freezers

    National luna best camping fridge

    National Luna is a South Africa-based company that manufactures top-of-the-line portable camping fridge freezers. Their products are mostly used in the camping, caravanning, 4×4 and boating markets.

    As a world leader in the leisure industry for the past 30 years, National Luna has expanded over that time into Europe, the UK, Australia and North America.

    Best Camping Fridge From National Luna

    National luna best camping fridge

    National Luna 50L/65L/74L Fridge Freezer

    Top Features:  intelligent compressor control | Solid construction | low power draw

    National Luna fridge sizes – 125L/110L/90L/80L/72L/60L/50L/40L

    National Luna Fridge Freezer Contact

    QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC & TAS Enquiries Contact:

    Phone: (07) 5540 7877
    Fax: (07) 5540 7977
    Address: 34 Notar Drive, Ormeau QLD 4208

    For WA, NT & SA Enquiries Contact

    Phone: (08) 9358 7000
    Fax: (08) 9458 1006
    Address: 83-85 Welshpool Road, Welshpool WA 6106

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    Where are national Luna fridges made?

    National Luna fridge freezers are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

    What compressor does national Luna use?

    National Luna uses Danfoss compressors at the heart of the camping fridges.

    How many amps does a national Luna fridge use?

     2.5 amps average running time.

    8. Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer

    Adventure king best camping fridge

    4WD supercentre offers market-leading products via the adventure kings range. 4WD Supacentre is growing across the country with 20 stores in mainland states.

    The Vella family established adventure kings in 2012 because Aussies were being charged too much for their camping gear and gadgets. All adventure kings fridge freezer products are tried and tested for Australian conditions.

    Best Camping Fridge From Adventure Kings

    Adventure king best camping fridge

    Adventure Kings Stayzcool 45L/60L/75L/90L Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Reliable AC/DC compressor | Solid construction | Fits up to 151 Cans | 5-year warranty

    Adventure Kings Fridge Freezer Contacts

    Phone: 1800 883 964
    Address: 6A Figtree Dr, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

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    Is Kings fridge any good?

    Yes for the price adventure kings fridge freezers are very good. With a 5-year warranty, you can’t go wrong.

    What does e1 mean on a kings fridge

    The error code e1 means the voltage is low and will be below 12 volts.

    Where are kings fridges made?

    The adventure kings fridge freezers are made in China.

    How long does a Kings fridge take to cool?

    The fridge needs a good 24 hours to cool walls, air and any product inside.

    9. Arb Fridge Freezer

    Arb Fridge Freezer

    Arb is a company that brings innovation to the world of 4×4 which traces back to when Tony Brown, was inspired when 4WDing through the top end of Australia.

    As a result, ARB is Australia’s largest manufacturer of 4×4 accessories with a large range of IPF lights, Safari snorkels, Hi-Lift jacks, Warn winches and camping fridge freezers.

    If you aren’t already sold on ARB products then a minimum two-year nationwide warranty will put you over the line.

    Best Camping Fridge From Arb

    Arb Fridge Freezer

    Arb Classic 78L/60L/47L/35L Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Secop compressor | Three-stage battery protection system | mobile control via the app

    Arb Fridge Freezer Contacts

    Phone: 1300 272 494 
    Address: 42-44 Garden St, Kilsyth VIC 3137, Australia

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    How much is ARB 60L fridge?

    Arb 60L is around $1300 AUD

    Who makes ARB?

    Arb is owned by Anthony Ronald Brown and they are the biggest manufacturer of 4×4 products in Australia

    How much does a ARB fridge weigh?

    Depends on the size of the fridge: 47L is 22.5kg, and the 60L is 24.5kg

    Is ARB made in China?

    No, Arb is manufactured in Australia and Thailand.

    What is an ARB fridge?

    It is a portable fridge freezer made by the company Arb for use in the 4×4 markets.

    10. XTM Fridge Freezer

    Top XTM Fridge Freezer Product

    BCF are an extremely popular fridge freezer manufacturer and they have a massive network of 146 stores inspiring Australian to get outside.

    Whether you’re into hiking, boating or camping – BCF has the right product for you.

    Restoring and protecting native fish habitats across Australia is something BCF takes seriously which is why they have partnered with Ozfish. The commitment to this goal means that BCF is making improvements to Australia’s waterways.

    Best Camping Fridge From XTM

    XTM 40L/75L Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Robust metal body | Fits 105 cans | 2-year warranty | 12 /24V DC and 240V AC inputs

    XTM Fridge Freezer Contacts

    Phone: 1300 880 764 
    Address: Head Office in Lawnton, QLD, 4501

    Follow | Facebook | Instagram


    Who make XTM fridges?

    XTM fridge freezers are made by BCF, the leader in outdoor gear.

    are xtm fridges any good?

    Yes, great price, has a 2-year warranty, and fits a lot of cans with a robust body.

    11. Kickass Fridge Freezer

    Kickass Fridge Freezer

    Although Kickass started out on eBay built by Klaeton Sheehan, they still produce one of the best camping fridge freezers on the market. 

    With the goal of giving other people access to the kickass products, he came across while travelling the world, Klaeton has his hands full as demand took off quickly.

    12 years later and Kickass products is still one of the top Fridge freezers in Australia.

    Best Camping Fridge From Kickass

    Kickass Fridge Freezer

    KickAss Dual Zone 75L Portable 12V Camping Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Dual zone climate control | Integrated battery protection | 12 /24V DC and 240V AC inputs | Bluetooth enable app

    How do I contact KickAss?

    Phone: 1300 573 1888

    Address: Kunda Park Showroom 2 mallet rd, Kunda park, 4556

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    Are kickass fridges made by Evakool?

    No, Kickass is no longer made by Evakool.

    What compressor does kickass use?

    World Famous Dan Foss Compressors (Secop)

    Who makes KickAss?

    Klaeton Sheehan from Australian direct started in 2011.

    Is KickAss made in Australia?

    No, Kickass is Australian owned and operated but made in China.

    12. Companion Fridge Freezer

    Companion Fridge Freezer

    Companion creates state-of-the-art fridges and coolers, solar, fan and power packs products for your camping needs.

    For over 80 years companion has been making quality products for the first-time camper to the dedicated outdoor enthusiast.

    Its unofficial slogan should be “the Swiss Army knife of fridge freezers.”

    Best Camping Fridge From Companion


    Companion Transit 45L Portable 12V Fridge Freezer

    Top Features: Low power consumption | AC & DC operation (240V and 12V/24V) | Dual speed LG compressor | 3-Year Warranty

    Companion Contacts

    Phone: +61 73193 1110

    Address: 71 Charles Ulm Pl Eagle Farm QLD 4009

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    What compressor does Companion use?

    LG premium portable fridge compressors

    What is a transit fridge?

    The 45L Transit Fridge/Freezer is a low-power consumption and dual-speed compressor fridge freezer.

    What do you think? What is your favourite camping fridge freezer? Should Bushman be number one? Leave your comments below.

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