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    Is Dometic and waeco the same?

    Dometic acquired Waeco

    Is Dometic and waeco the same?

    Yes, Waeco was acquired in 2007 to strengthen its brand in Germany and beyond. Tens years later the company decided to combine the brands to continue rapid growth globally. Check out the press release here

    The Parent company is a Swedish company that manufactures portable fridge freezers in China for the camping, 4×4 market.

    Rebranding Itself as Dometic

    In Australia, you will no longer see the Waeco brand as it has been rebranded to Dometic in 2017. But no need to worry as the quality has not been affected and the range continues under the Dometic brand.

    Dometic’s Range

    If you are looking for the Waeco 12v fridge freezer, rest assured that Dometics has the same quality, reliability, and ruggedness that you have come to know and love. Click through and read “7 Best Camping Fridge Freezer Guaranteed: Australia 2022” I thoroughly review the 3FX3 45L and 75L.

    WAECO Australia Contact: Please call 07 800 27 27 27.

    Top Dometic Fridge Freezer


    Dometic CFX3 75DZ

    Top Features: Powerful VMSO3 compressor | 3-stage battery protection | Generous storage | CFX3 app for performance history

    Dometic fridge sizes – 95L/75L/55L/45L/35L/25L/20L

    Dometic waeco fridge freezer


    Are Dometic fridges Waeco?

    Yes, the company was rebranded in 2017 to Dometic.

    Did Dometic take over Waeco?

    Yes, Dometic bought the company in 2007.

    When did Dometic buy Waeco?

    2007, dometic acquired the company to strengthen its brand in Germany.

    Where are waeco fridges made?

    Now rebranded Dometic are manufactured in China.

    Are waeco fridges any good?

    Yes, they were very good. Now rebranded as Dometic and the quality is still upheld.

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